bean bags in various other shapes

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doob sploosh alfresco floating bean bag single sunbed

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The Sploosh Alfresco – outdoor bean bag recliner that can float


Outdoor bean bag deck chair lounger for Balconies, Porches or Pools

Designed with special Batyline™ vent and mesh inner bag for better drainage and easier drying

Single (1.26(L) by 0.60(W) by 0.67(H)m* ; 330L) $329
Double (1.26 by 1.10(W) by 0.67(H)m* ; 650L) $499

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the platoopat – dumpling-shaped, dual-fabric bean bag

Dumpling-shaped bean bag
Sizes / Prices:
1.3(l) x 0.95(w) x 0.77m(h)*; 240L $249
* Set in lounge position.

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platoopat and tootsie combination bundle

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the platoopat and tootsie bundle – dumpling-shaped, dual-fabric bean bag with ottoman/footrest

A bundle of comfort!
One platoopat dumpling-shaped bean bag
One tootsie ottoman cum Footrest
Sizes / Prices:
platoopat: 1.3(l) x 0.95(w) x 0.77m(h)*; 270L
tootsie: 0.48m diameter, 0.48m height ; 100L
$299 (original price $368)
* Set in lounge position.

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the oomph – polyester couch-shaped bean bag

Couch-shaped bean bag; spill-proof polyester outer cover.
Large (1.0 m x 0.8 m x 0.9 m ; 390L) $269
Medium (0.9 m x 0.7 m x 0.7 m ; 280L) $229

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the tootsie – ottoman/footrest


Sure, you have a doob. You’re comfy, your butt is getting what it deserves. But what about your feet? Don’t neglect them!

The tootsie ottoman is doob’s result of much experimenting and cross-breeding of toonacans, toonies, and a plop. Combined with a doob bean bag, you can be sure that your entire body will be quivering with pleasure (instead of just your butt).

But that’s not all! The tootsie magically transforms into a stool, for when you have visitors (those pesky visitors) and not enough chairs. Do what you have to do, perform your hosting obligations, politely see them out and quickly get your footstool back.

The tootsie comes as a spill-proof outer cover with a durable fabric inner bag filled with doob pellets

Sizes / Prices:
(0.48m diameter, 0.48m height ; 100L) S$99
Fabric Material:
Outer cover: Polyester with PU undercoat (removable, wipe to clean or remove and rinse)
Inner bag: Tetoron-Cotton
YKK Zippers; Child-proof zip for inner bag

doob Gift Vouchers


dooby Gift Vouchers for your dooby friends

available in denominations of $20/50/100

the Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag


Designed and manufactured by CSD of Hong Kong


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the Sleeping Grizzly Cub Bean Bag


Designed and manufactured by CSD of Hong Kong

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Topiary Ball


Topiary Ball


A bush under your butt is worth two hands on your… never mind, the topiary bush bean bag is a great pouffe to have at home, or in your office. Bringing a little nature into your room, here’s a plant that never needs watering.

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Unfilled doob bean bags – just the outer cover + inner bag


Want to give your old bean bag new life? Want to give a friend the best their butt deserves? Get a cheerily flat-packed doob bean bag without the filling here!


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