plopsta alfresco curacao outdoor bean bag

the plopsta’ alfresco – Outdoor versatile bean bag that can float


Outdoor rectangular bean bag for Balconies, Porches or pools

Designed with special Batyline™ vent and mesh inner bag for better drainage and easier drying

1.6 by 1.1m* ; 1.6 by 0.95m** ; 350L $329

* Size of bean bag when unfilled. ** Floor area taken up when filled and set in lounger position.

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The doob alfresco series is proof that you can be both outdoorsy and lazy at the same time.

With a special construction of a mesh inner bag and a wide Batyline strip that is both durable and strong, the plopsta’ alfresco is great for leaving in balconies, porches, basically anywhere that might be exposed to the elements. Because it’s so light for its size, you can even bring it to the park or the beach as a fun mattress/recliner!

If you have your own private pool, the doob alfresco bean bag is awesome as a floatation device and can hold up to three people*. Pool parties will never be the same again.

doob outdoor bean bag
doob outdoor bean bag
doob floating bean bag
doob floating bean bag

*Because the plopsta’ gets much heavier after being in a pool (it will weigh about 15kg), it is not advised for users to carry it to a pool far away from where they will need to keep it. Because the return trip won’t be as fun.